Composing PDF happily On Linux As An Non-Latin Coder

Introduction Groff is a ancient but powerful typesetting system that creates formatted output when given plain text mixed with formatting commands. By using the Mom macroset, one can compose PDF file from plain-text file easily. 1 groff -mom -Tpdf > output.pdf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 .PRINTSTYLE TYPESET .TAB_SET 1

Neomutt Quickstart

Introduction NeoMutt is a command line mail reader, a fork of Mutt. It' versatile and highly configurable. That is what it says on NeoMutt website, and the reason I decide to give it a try. Installation Base on Download page on NeoMutt website, it should be availble on most distro repos. 1 2 sudo apt install neomutt sudo pacman -S neomutt Configuration NeoMutt will try to load configuration on multiple location.

pHash Alogirithm

感知哈希算法 在数字图像处理领域中,认为图像在本质上是一种信号,表达图像的方式有两种,一种是时域方式,它由点阵构成,里面的每一个点存储着该位置

Speed of copying big file from samba server plummets

I was wathcing a movie located on my Home Server today, and all of a sudden, it became stuttering.I suspected it was MPV’s fault, so I tried another media player, unfortunately, it wasn’t. So, I decided to copy the movie to my local machine first. During the process I noticed something odd: My home network speed is 1Gbps, which means the copying speed should be somewhere around 120Mb. And it was starting at 115Mb, then plummeted quickly.


缘起 compton 是 X11 下给程序加透明背景的 compositor。前阵子,为了得到一个透明背景模糊的效果,我使用了 compton 的一个 dual_kawase 的分支。虽然平时使用时感觉不出